10pcs M2.5 Nylon Bolts and Nuts 16mm Cheese Head



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These M.2.5 cheese head slotted set screws fit perfectly the Raspberry Pi mounting holes without the need to force them through as it’s the case with M3 screws. They are made out of nylon 6.6 which means that they are non corrosive, non conductive, lightweight and very durable. When bent they flex instead of breaking.

Ideal for model making, electronics, household DIY, marine applications and many more.


Material: Nylon 6.6 (Polyamide 6.6)
Head style: Cheese Head Slotted
Length: 16mm
Thread size – Metric: M2.5

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Nut size: 2x5mm
Nut thread size: M2.5

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Package List

10 x M2.5 cheese head set screws
10 x M2.5 (2mm x 5mm) nutts