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The ACS712 Current Sensor Module is an analog input that provides accurate measurement of AC and DC currents.
This current sensor module can handle AC or DC currents up to 5A. A single analog output signal connects to your microcontroller to provide the sensor readings. Module operates at 5V and has a built in power indicator light.

Connect a 5V power supply to the Voltage (VCC) and common Ground (GND) pins. Connect the analog Signal (OUT) output pin to an analog input on your microcontroller. Connect the circuit to be measured to the screw terminals. The analog output signal will be proportional to the amount of current passing through the screw terminals.

To work out the Amp reading use the following formula: (VCC/2 – OUT reading) / 0.185.
Example: VCC = 5V and OUT reading = 2.19V. Using the formula: (5/2 – 2.19) / 0.185 = ~1.67A

ACS712 is based on the principle of Hall detection. Any magnetic field can affect the accuracy of the reading.


Sensor chip: ACS712TELC-05B
Power supply: 5V
Corresponding analog output: 185 mV/A
No test current through the output voltage: VCC / 2
Current measurement range: ± 5A
Dimensions: 32mm (L) x 13mm (W) x 13.5mm (H)

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1 x ACS712 5A current sensor module