GPIO Breakout Kit for Raspberry Pi 2 B+ A+ Breadboard Ribbon Cable T Cobbler



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Product Description


The Pi T-Cobbler breaks out all 40 pins from the 40 pin GPIO header onto a solderless breadboard.
This mini kit will make prototyping with the Raspberry Pi super easy.
Kit consists of 40 pin ribbon cable, fully assembled PCB and 400 point solderless breadboard.

Each broken out pin is labeled for easy identification without looking at cheatsheets.


Ribbon length: 20cm
PCB dimensions: 73mm (L) x 59mm (W) x 20mm (H including pins and socket)
Fully assembled (no soldering required)
All pins clearly labeled

Package List

1 x 40 pin ribbon cable
1 x 400 point breadboard
1 x T-Cobbler board