GPIO Breakout Kit for Raspberry Pi Breadboard Ribbon Cable T Cobbler New v3.0



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Product Description


The Pi T-Cobbler breaks out the power, GPIO, I2C, UART and SPI pins from the 26 pin header onto a solderless breadboard. Board has built in power indicator LED. This mini kit will make prototyping with the Raspberry Pi super easy. Kit consists fo 26 pin ribbon cable, fully assembled PCB and 400 point solderless breadboard.

NOTE: This breakout kit will work with the new Raspberry Pi model B+ and Raspberry Pi 2 only if 26 pin extra tall header is used as adapter.

NOTE 2: Photos are showing v2.2 board, but you will receive latest v3.0 board which has some layout bugs fixed.


Ribbon length: 20cm
PCB dimensions: 39mm (L) x 50mm (W) x 20mm (H including pins and socket)
Rev 2 pinout: P0 = 17 P1 = 18 P2 = 27 P3 = 22 P4 = 23 P5 = 24 P6 = 25 P7 = 4

Package List

1 x 26 pin ribbon cable
1 x 400 point breadboard
1 x T-Cobbler board