HD44780 1602 LCD Display Kit Blue Yellow/Green 16×2 Arduino Raspberry Pi AVR



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Brand new and high quality LCD display module with yellow or blue backlight. Yellow backlight has dark characters
and blue backlight has white characters. Capable of displaying two rows with 16 characters on each row.
These displays feature high contrast and wide viewing angle. Each display has built in
industry standard HD44780 equivalent LCD Controller. They can be driven by Raspberry Pi, Arduino, BeagleBone and many more
development boards.

Commonly used in: Copiers, Fax Machines, Laser Printers, Industrial Test Equipment, Networking Equipment Such As Routers And Storage Devices.

Other backlight colours are also available from our shop.


Character count: 2 lines x 16 characters
Operating voltage: 5V DC
Module dimension: 80mm x 36mm x 12mm
Viewing area size: 64.5mm x 14.5mm
Backlight: BLUE, YELLOW/GREEN available
Controller IC: SPLC780D or similar (HD44780 compatible)

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Package List

1 x 1602 LCD Display of chosen colour
1 x 16 pin SIL pin header
1 x 10K Ohm potentiometer

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Blue, Green/Yellow