IRLB8721PBF N-channel Power MOSFET 30V 62A TO-220



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These TO-220 N-channel MOSFETs are ideal to switch high loads. Capable of switching up to 62A at 30V and the TO-220 package means that they also fit nicely in to standard 2.54mm pitch breadboard. Is is also very easy
to attach a heat sink due to built in heatsink mounting hole but because of the very low Rds(on) pretty high loads can be switched without a heatsink (depends on Vgs). The TO-220 package can dissipate up to 2 Watts without a heat sink in room temperature.

IRLB8721PBF N-channel MOSFET is ideal to switch high loads directly from micro controller running on 2.8V, 3.3V or 5V logic because of the low threshold voltage of less than 2.5V.


Type: N-channel MOSFET
Package: TO-220
Vds: 30V MAX
Max current: 62A
Vgs: 2.35V MAX
Rds(on): as low as 8.7 milliohm (depending on Vgs)

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1 x IRLB8721PBF N-channel Power MOSFET