JST EL-3P 3 way pin multipole connectors with wire WS2801 Arduino Raspberry Pi



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These JST EL-3P 3 way connectors can be used for a variety of purposes where a 3 way connection is required. One of the best uses for these connectors is to connect WS2801 RGB pixel strings (sold in our shop) to controllers such as Raspberry Pi, Arduino and many more without the need to cut wires on the pixel strings. WS2801 Pixel strings have exactly the same connectors as these so it is a Plug & Play solution.


Wire length: 90mm
Complete set length: 240mm
Number of wires: 3
Housing size male: 8mm x 5mm x 12mm
Housing size female: 10mm x 7mm x 19mm

Package List

1 or 10 sets of JST EL-3P 3 way connectors depending on option selected.

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1 pair, 10 pairs