Mini USB 5V 1A Lithium Battery Charging Module Lipo Charger Arduino Pi AVR 3.7V



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Charge 3.7V lithium polymer batteries using either a Mini USB connectror or 5V power supply directly to module.
It uses the TP4056 controller and standard configuration is with 1A charge current. The “current resistor” can be replaced for other (lower) charge currents. Module has two status LEDs built in. The charge led will be on when charging and it will be flashing when no battery is connected. The done led will be on when charging is done or no battery is connected.

Battery types supported are LiCoO2 (3.6/3.7V) and LiMn (3.6/3.7V).

NOTE 1: Make sure that the battery is connected with correct polarity or module will be burned. Also try and connect the battery as close as possible to the module to reduce the resistance or module can go in to reduced current mode automatically.


Input voltage: 4.5V – 5.5V
Charge voltage: 4.2V
Charging accuracy: ~ 1.5%
Dimensions: 25mm (L) x 19mm (W)
Charging controller: TP4056
Charger type: linear

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1 x 5V 1A Lithium Battery Charging Module