Multifunctional Wire Stripper Cutter Tool 22AWG to 10AWG



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SN-5021 wire stripper is a must have tool for anybody interested in electronics.
It strips wire without damaging the conductor and has a less fatiguing constant force recovery spring.
With an AWG capacity of 22AWG to 10AWG, built in wire cutters and small pliers it is the perfect companion for all your wire stripping needs. The shaped handle is smooth and comfortable to hold.


Built-in closed stopper
Doubles up as cutters and pliers
Constant force recovery spring
Suitable for solid and stranded wires
Stripping Capacity AWG: 22AWG to 10AWG
Stripping Capacity mm: 0.6mm to 2.6mm
Weight: 160g
Length: 180mm

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1 x SN-5021 Multifunctional Wire Stripper, Cutter Tool